Database managers


Currently data collection is essential for a company or institution maintain their relationships. For this reason it is given great importance to the maintenance of the database and the constant growth of it. The databases are a vital component in the development of applications software platform and database modeling a database engine, Pliret has experience working with different database engines, providing services such as:

Database Support
Installing database manager
Administration database manager
Generation data models for projects

The database engines that primarily work with are:


Oracle, a leading server technologies, enterprise applications and databases company has its own database, which is one of the most powerful, robust, scalable and highly reliable global level, Oracle Database. Oracle Database is a complete solution which includes a database engine with ability to create systems related tables, íindices as well as a programming language for developing stored procedures and triggers (PL / SQL) which allows the development side of the database. Furthermore due to its affinity with JAVA, it is possible some integration of JAVA language in the development of Oracle database, besides the fact that it is multiplatform, because Oracle can run on Windows, Linux, Solaris. Most of our professionals have extensive experience working for years with Oracle Database.


Side alternatives open or Open Source market database code to PostgreSQL have a database engine that over the years and with the support of the global community has become a manager of data base fairly robust despite its gratuitous nature. PostgreSQL has many similar or identical to that of engines payment database like Oracle or DB2 Database as replication, variety of data types, capacity tuples in the tables, indexes, scripting language features capabilities such procedures in PL / SQL, etc. Why we have focused a lot lately to use this database in our projects.


MySQL has long been the leader in data base engine open source among the developer community. However, due to the purchase of Sun Microsystems by Oracle he gave a proprietary character, as there are now some versions of MySQL that are extra. However, MySQL is a great leader in the database market, already quite mature, having long with characteristics of database systems pay as relational tables, various types of data, development of procedures and triggers , etc. And although the acquisition by Oracle, this also translates into support for the development of the database by Oracle, which can ultimately benefit companies as it comes to enhancing MySQL to use more Business.


DB2 is a powerful database engine pay compared to successful Oracle Database. This is one of the flagship products of IBM, its database engine oriented companies. DB2 XML integrates into natively operation for search operations in order to optimize query performance. In addition, it is optimized for light and store data without much space and so many benefits without hardware or consumption of resources and servers. Like Oracle Database, DB2 can run on multiple platforms such as Linux, Windows, Solaris, etc. Without having compatibility with other products in the family of IBM addition to the caracterícas an average database engine as clustering, replication, development-side database, triggers, indexes, etc.


SQLite is a lightweight database engine data is based on C, open source type. This differs engines traditional database that is not is a separate process from the database, but an interaction of the application with the SQLite library by invoking routines itself, which It makes it a very light data base. It is oriented to development of light and personal applications and the information in a database is stored in a single file, features albeit are not suitable for the development of enterprise applications, whether they can be required in other scenarios such as the development of mobile applications for the iOS platform, where the database engine used by excellence is SQLite.

SQL Server

Microsoft's alternative market for databases is SQL Server. Optimized primarily for use in conjunction with applications developed on the Microsoft .NET platform, SQL Server is a good alternative pay a little more accessible in economic terms than other engines such as Oracle or DB2. Like other database engines, it has a language for developing stored procedures or triggers (T-SQL) and is quite stable and scalable up to a point.