Welcome to Pliret

Applications made so far, with innovative technologies, taking into account your needs and requirements.

Pliret helps you Grow

Have an idea? Make it happen. We give you a different option for your business, developing software with highly trained people.

Mobile Technology

The mobile web reaches places where cable can not reach. Pliret accompanying, software development, quality Mobile considering integration, security and quality control.

Internet services through

What? Cloud Computing, being a new technology and new possibilities for obtaining the form of current business, offering services over the Internet, low cost, safety and speed.

Expand its Services

Better performance, higher results. With Pliret you can check systems, with a different choice of software development companies with a different approach.

Secured technical support.

Provide technical support to our systems in order to give a high quality service to our customers, and most importantly as a company and our reason for existence.

About Pliret

Pliret Systems, was born as an initiative by software professionals with experience in the management and development of projects for companies in different fields in order to formulate proposals for innovative development that help solve business needs and optimize their processes.


Support is steady with innovative technological solutions under high standards and low costs that are transmitted directly to our customers and support them in meeting their goals.


Position ourselves as a leading company in the TI industry and to be recognized for the quality of our services, based on long-term relationships with our local and international clients.

Our Methodology

Thanks to the experience in software development, Pliret Systems goes hand in hand with technological development, we created our methodology when it comes to manage and develop projects taking into account the following:
Listen to customer needs
Given the scope and project budget
Definition and prototype tool
Definition schedule
Design database
Evidence of implementation, changes and corrections
Training users
Warranty Service