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Applications made so far, with innovative technologies, taking into account your needs and requirements.

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Have an idea? Make it happen. We give you a different option for your business, developing software with highly trained people.

Mobile Technology

The mobile web reaches places where cable can not reach. Pliret accompanying, software development, quality Mobile considering integration, security and quality control.

Internet services through

What? Cloud Computing, being a new technology and new possibilities for obtaining the form of current business, offering services over the Internet, low cost, safety and speed.

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Better performance, higher results. With Pliret you can check systems, with a different choice of software development companies with a different approach.

Secured technical support.

Provide technical support to our systems in order to give a high quality service to our customers, and most importantly as a company and our reason for existence.


Pliret Inc. provides a wide range of services related to software development and databases, which are listed below:

Software Development Measure

Although two companies in the same industry offer exactly the same products or services, the two companies meet totally different objectives and goals. Each company has its procedures and its way of doing things, which have emerged from the experience that each organization has had. And no two organizations or companies with similar experiences. Read more


Outsourcing is a new possibility for companies to address many aspects not related to the main business activity. For this reason, more and more companies resort to this system to increase productivity and more and more companies specializing delegated to outside hand to contribute to productivity growth by releasing and delegation of tasks to experts.Read more

Training Software

If you need your employees to be trained in some technology and application development under a platform, database or other technology specific, we can give them training according to your requirements.Read more

Software Prototypes

Pliret SA de CV offers the service of prototyping systems, a model of the behavior of the system can be used to fully understand or certain aspects of it and so clarify the requirements.Read more

Application Integration

When important information is synchronized between the departments of the company, you have a better chance of making smart business decisions. Integrating your IT applications gives you a real-time view of your business, allowing you to respond quickly to current and future market demands and its own business. Read more

Software Testing and Quality Control

Applications (generally any device designed and implemented by a human) are likely to have faults. Primarily you should check that meet the specifications raised from the beginning by the analyst or the customer, and / or delete any errors that have been committed at any stage of development. Read more

Cloud systems

To Pliret, cloud computing is an alternative product acquisition (ERP, CRM, accounting, inventory, invoicing, payroll management and control, control systems etc.) for our customers, choosing this option come to save costs maintenance of a common server and any configuration in general. Read more

Mobile Software

Our services in this area focus on the development of native and web applications for phones or tablets that can run independently or complementary applications for the development of a "conventional" system for mobile PC. Read more

Security Audit

Audit services within Pliret systems are performed by professionals trained auditors and security, which guarantee advice that meets the needs of your company. Read more