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The mobile web reaches places where cable can not reach. Pliret accompanying, software development, quality Mobile considering integration, security and quality control.

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What? Cloud Computing, being a new technology and new possibilities for obtaining the form of current business, offering services over the Internet, low cost, safety and speed.

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Better performance, higher results. With Pliret you can check systems, with a different choice of software development companies with a different approach.

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Our sales services offer systems allow a variety of systems that are commonly used in many industries the business world, in addition to our custom software where we can develop any kind of system for you. Among the systems we offer include:


Pliret SA de CV for an accounting system, must fully meet the needs of the company, considering the line of business and competitive strategy, which allows to standardize processes, define cost structures and therefore present a standardized accounting information provided interpretation, efficient decision-making and that can be processed for different financial business analysis. Read more


An inventory system is a set of standards, methods and procedures applied systematically to plan and control the materials and products used in an organization. Pliret offers inventory solutions that enable companies to have a mechanized tool to manage raw materials, goods, and its real existence, that is, manage inventories more efficiently and safely. Read more


Choosing a good billing system is an important step that go well with companies step, having an automated system that provides the issue and registration of invoices, tax credits and additional features such as recording important or frequent customers. Read more

Point of Sale (POS)

The outlets are to automate the process of exit and collection of merchandise in department stores, shops, restaurants and other institutions. The implementation of the POS systems are not a luxury, but a primary to streamline processes in which output is related merchandise in different business need. Our point of sales system is right for your business or company. Read more

Business Planning - ERP

Business Planning - ERP At present, where the fierce market competition leads companies to improve their services every day, making adequate resource planning becomes necessary through so-called management information systems such as ERP . Read more

Customer Management - CRM

A computer CRM system is one that supports the management of customer relations, sales and marketing. CRM is a comprehensive strategy that allows the company to efficiently contact with their customers. CRM solutions and integrate information technology (IT) with telephony for companies to identify, attract and increase retention of loyal customers through the administration of that reason. Read more

Payroll Management

Companies acquire responsibility for the calculation of the return of staff salaries and administrative procedures arising from the act, with state and private institutions. The administration of payroll (payroll) and the timely payment to the staff of a company, are critical areas that directly impact employee productivity and business costs. Read more